Management Team

The word “perspective” is a key ingredient for any company to have in their description for success. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “can’t see the forest for the trees”, meaning that sometimes we tend to get so caught up in the details, we often lose sight of the big picture. At LSR, our management team works very hard to ensure that certain fundamental values are never compromised– even if it means going above and beyond contractual terms, job expectations or increase in man hours. Our goal is to make the client’s experience memorable in a positive light. While the details are what often set us apart from the competition, it’s always been an advantage to maintain a solid reputation and long lasting relationship with our clients.

Bill Chinners, President/Owner

214.878.7107 / Bill Chinners

“We are only as good as our last project. Living by that statement is what has allowed us to maintain long and lasting customer relationships."

As the President and owner of LSR Commercial, Mr. Chinners has spent the great majority of his career servicing the multi-family industry for over 20 years. Utilizing some of the same methods and systems for our service repair work, LSR Commercial has been able to build a solid customer base in a very short period of time. Mr. Chinners has served on the board for a number of roofing industry associations throughout the years. He supports numerous non-for-profit organizations and has done ministry mission work in several foreign countries throughout the world.