Coca Cola

Project Description:

 6440 Lemmon Ave, Dallas, Texas
 Spring 2013
Remove existing BUR and replace with same system

Facility Type: Manufacturing
Square Count: 200
Project Type: Built-up roof over concrete deck
Manufacturer: JM 3GIC
Completion Time: 3 weeks

This is a manufacturing bottling plant where a variety of facility control factors play a key role in daily operations. LSR was asked to provide a repair/replacement scope specific to a certain area of the roof while maintaining the existing roof system. The interior areas of the facility had been exposed to numerous leaks throughout the 200 square area. We removed the existing deteriorated BUR and repaired the substrate concrete deck areas that had suffered long-term damage. The customer was very pleased with our performance from the tear-off to the new installation as we were able to complete the project well with the schedule avoiding any disruption to the plant operation.