Hong Kong

Project Description:

 9780 Walnut Street, Richardson, Texas
 Winter 2013
Clean and prep existing roof for application of white roof coating

Facility Type: Commercial Retail
Square Count: 409
Project Type: Existing roof system was modified. Coating restoration project.
Manufacturer: Henry 276 Roof Coating
Completion Time: 10 Days

This is a retail grocery store facility that had been in need of substantial roof repairs. Neglected over a period of time, the Modified Bitumen cap sheet had suffered much granule loss and all energy climate control efficiency. The client was seeking a solution that would provide greater energy efficiencies and protection at a minimal cost. LSR was able to clean and prepare the surface for a white roof coating application that would provide a more surface reflectivity and lower their heating and cooling overhead costs. The customer was elated with the quick production and has enjoyed greater savings with a minimal power washing maintenance program.