Oak Lawn

Project Description:

 1707 Oak Lawn, Dallas, Texas
 Fall 2012
Tear off 2 roofs and install a new modified roof

Facility Type: Commercial Retail
Square Count: 150
Project Type: 2 Existing BUR Replacement with a new Modified System
Manufacturer: JM 2 –Ply Modified
Completion Time: 3 weeks

LSR was asked to perform a tear-off of the existing 2-layer roofs and upgrade the R-value by installing a new Mod-Bit System. The project went smoothly during the tear-off stage allowing for very little disruption of the retailers operation and accessibility to their customers. The new roof system has held up wonderfully and the facility has required very little maintenance other than an occasional power-washing and drainage cleaning due to excessive foliage around the perimeter of the building.