Texas Refinery Corp

Project Description:

 One Refinery Place, Ft Worth, Texas
 Fall 2012
Modified Bitumen
Remove storm damaged roof and replace with the same system

Facility Type: Manufacturing
Square Count: 150
Project Type: Two-Ply Modified as the re-roof system
Manufacturer: U.S. Ply
Completion Time: 1 week

This roof had suffered extensive damage over a period of storms. There were several areas of ponding, hail hits, damage to the roof penetrations as well as numerable other storm related problems. LSR worked closely with the owner and insurance claim specialist to diagnose the best roof system for the facility. The complete re-roof was done in less than a week’s time– the client couldn’t believe how efficiently LSR worked and the quality of the install as it was thoroughly inspected upon completion. It was a great project for both the client and LSR!