Village Circle

Project Description:

 9 Village Circle, Westlake, Texas
 Winter 2012
Repair scope for both roof and waterproofing 8 individual buildings

Facility Type: Office Complex
Square Count: 7,000
Project Type: BUR that had extensive areas of repairs in addition to waterproofing
Manufacturer: JM BUR & Modified
Completion Time: 60 days

LSR provided a complete roof and building envelope inspection for one of the largest commercial management companies in the U.S. The roof was approximately 22-23 years old and much of the system needed to be retrofit to make the repairs. The scope included of work included extensive repairs to the actual roof areas: flashing detail deterioration around entire coping perimeters, curbs at all roof hatches, roof drains with overflow, base flashing, etc. There was an extensive amount of deterioration of the sealants at windows, control joints, and under the slate cap stone areas. The reglet counter flashing details were very distressed and damaged throughout all of the eight buildings within the building complex. The project went very smoothly over the course of a 60 day period. LSR approached the project on a building by building basis receiving full inspections upon completion by a third party consultancy. The building envelope has remained watertight and the client is very pleased.