Service is how our business began. Our owner, Bill Chinners started in the roofing business at a very early age doing simple roof repairs for residential and multi-family apartment customers. One pick-up truck to now a fleet of service trucks in the DFW, Austin, Houston and San Antonio markets, LSR has become a valued resource to commercial property management companies, building owners and large corporations across the country. Our principle goal is to provide a customer with the peace of mind knowing that a trained certified roof tech is there to assess the extent of any damage or leak repairs required. Secondly, to come prepared to prevent any further water intrusion risk by either providing a temporary solution until a permanent repair can be made or thoroughly detailing the necessary immediate repair to made and executing it while on the roof. Regardless of what the situation might be, LSR avoids there being any surprises, and is willing to work with our customers to achieve the best fix for their budget and long-term protection.

 Our core areas of service are Restoration, Installation, Storm/Leak Repairs, Waterproofing and Maintenance.