Maintenance Program


LSR’s existence hinges on our very roots as a roofing company. Our mantra hasn’t changed much over the years in that our number one goal is to “extend the life of every roof we install.” Those aren’t just words, that’s a promise. In order to back our promise, we have devised a program called the Roof Fitness Challenge.

The Roof Fitness Challenge is a comprehensive maintenance program born out of years of experience and knowledge. LSR maintains an extensive archive of data documenting the history of all maintenance and repair activities relative to your roof. In many ways, a medical chart on the conditions of your roof. Our pro-active approach enables you to better manage your asset based on performance and ROI. It has proven to be of great benefit to building owners and property management companies alike.

Just as in the case of your own personal well being, in order to receive a clean bill of health, one has to undergo a complete and thorough physical examination. It’s no different when it comes to your building’s roof. We perform a complete due diligence audit of your roof documenting all potential threats to its structural integrity and watertight longevity. The ultimate goal is to minimize any unscheduled capital expenditures by performing semi-annual inspections and preventative maintenance steps as an avoidance to major surprises down the road.

A few key things to keep in mind…

Preventative Maintenance is important because it can double the life of your roof system. It also enables you to keep your warranty intact. It can also reduce the frequency and severity of roof leaks in addition to preventing trapped moisture and mold from growing. The Roof Fitness Challenge also provides the assurance of having a manufacturer’s certified inspector on your roof. You have to have a good coach to win the game! The program also provides you as a member priority leak repair response time. Another words, we treat your roof as a top priority.

How do I sign up?
  1. Contact us to discuss your current needs.
  2. We will schedule our first visit and make arrangements with the facility management as necessary.
  3. LSR then performs a comprehensive inspection to establish your medical charts,
    vitals (roof type and manufacturer), and recorded issues of concern.
  4. A subsequent maintenance repair or performance visit is scheduled on either a semi-annual or annual basis.
The LSR Roof Fitness Challenge provides the following benefits:

• Priority Leak Response
Comprehensive Inspections
Photographic Documentation
Repair/Replacement Budgets
Complete Roof Maintenance
Drainage Cleaning
Debris Removal
Power Washing (to maintain an energy efficient roof)
Flashing & Membrane Repair
Maintaining Watertight Integrity

To learn more or enroll in the LSR Roof Fitness Challenge Program, contact Kevin Case at 214.274.2890 or email us at today.