Roof Inspection


Whether your building was recently the victim of hail or windstorm damage, our goal is to identify any immediate temporary repairs necessary to avoid further risk to your property.  LSR can provide repairs to dry-in the facility as a protection from further water intrusion where your insurance company will provide complete reimbursement as part of most standard commercial insurance policies.  Secondly, our trained expert inspector will conduct a thorough inspection documenting and detailing their findings. This service is provided during the initial consultation and serves as a great tool to assist you through the insurance adjustment/damage appraisal phase as well as the replacement cost evaluation process. LSR is here to make it a pain-free experience for the building owner.

To avoid any unnecessary anxieties, LSR wants to become your eyes and ears to provide complete peace of mind with an assurance that nothing slips through the cracks.

There are a number of key components that we will investigate such as:

• Potential roof contaminants that can create corrode and deteriorate areas of the roof over time
• Check all drains and ponding issues
• Hail hits and severe wind damage
• Inspection of roofing membranes and transitions
• Damaged roof mounted A/C units
• Poor installation and engineering defects

We’re not only concerned about the obvious damage, but strive to provide our customers with crucial information that will help assist in guaranteeing that they get a thorough summary of all items that could have potentially been overlooked during the insurance adjuster or third party consultant inspections. Other miscellaneous items that must be documented could include: inaccurate count on the number of damaged roof vents, pipe jacks, coping and gutter areas. It is also not uncommon to have a variance in the actual square count calculations to replace a roof. These are all very important factors that we place great emphasis on providing our customer with an assurance that everything has been factored in for a thorough restoration.