Roof Installation

Before a customer ever reaches the point of the actual installation of a new roofing system, LSR prefers that the customer has a thorough understanding on why they’ve chosen a particular system and how it will most benefit them in the long run. There are a number of critical steps and procedures that need be considered prior to installing a new roof. Does the system meet the following criteria?


Do you have a fixed budget that meets with the demands and expectations of the operational requirements of your building? Have you consulted with an expert (architect/engineer) to fully realize the essential requirements that your roof should adhere to in order for the facility to perform based on proper cost evaluation?

Codes and City Ordinances

In some jurisdictions there are specific city ordinances that can impact the building code requirements. Before we make any recommendation, LSR researches and provides our customers with all permitting and city code requirements to avoid any surprises.


More and more customers are finding value in achieving Green Certifications as we all strive to conserve and practice better being better stewards to our planet. Not only does it benefit our environment but it also allows for greater ROI, which is most important for your business’ future.

Long-term Maintenance Requirements

How much is this roofing system going to cost me in 10 years? Another words, have I selected a roof system that is going to be easy and cost effective to maintain over the long haul? How long do I anticipate the need for this facility and will the roofing system still suit my functional needs down the road?

These are just a few of the measures that should be considered prior to the installation phase of any roofing project.

At LSR, we install virtually all varieties of commercial flat roof systems. Our stable of roof techs and crews are second to none, having a combined 150 years of experience. We work very hard to ensure that every project follows a proven system of processes and procedures to meet the scheduling and production needs of our clients.