Many facility engineers and building owners have begun to recognize the importance of protecting their building’s roof membrane. More and more of the darker roof substrates (such as asphalt and mod bit roofs) are falling victim to the powerful infrared and UV rays that work together to break down the chemical components and accelerate the oxidation of a roof membrane. This inevitably leads to your once water-tight membrane turning to chalk, splitting, shrinking and cracking.

All too often the option of doing a complete re-roof is too costly, yet the annual expense to keep your building at a cool controlled climate ends up costing even more. When considering the typical rooftop mounted A/C compressor unit, it is connected to a network of sheet metal ducts that carry the conditioned air to vents throughout the building’s interior. Often these return ducts are un-insulated bare hot dipped galvanized steel or coated with a corrosion resistant primer. As a result, you are literally pushing your A/C unit compressors to work much harder when the surface return ducts aren’t coated with a highly reflective white roof coating–which typically reduces the temperature of the duct itself by as much as 30˚F cooler!

Did you know?

Over 10% of our available landfill space is attributed to roofing materials. 60% of all roofs in the U.S. are being replaced prematurely due to leaks. Let us help you and the environment by extending the life of your roof a decade longer!

LSR is a certified installer of a number of the mainstream roof coating manufactured products. Among the list of Elastomeric Roofing Systems are Polycoat®, GAF Topcoat®, Tropical®, Pacific Polymers® and TOPPS Products®. Our cool roofing program is designed to provide your facility with the highest degree of energy savings, and can be applied to restore metal, built-up, modified bitumen, polyurethane foam, EPDM, TPO, and PVC. Every roof coating system we install comes with a manufacturer minimum 10-year warranty upon completion and inspection that meets their requirements. Our goal is to extend the life of your roof, and in doing so we encourage that the proper maintenance program be followed to guarantee long-term performance.

Regardless of the product chosen, it must possess a proven balance of strength, elasticity, and weatherability to withstand the rigors of the environment to which it is exposed. Every product on the market is subject to building up varying degress of dirt, dust and airborne particles, which over time will dull and contaminate the surface diminishing the heat resistant qualities of the roof. As a deterrent, we highly recommend power-washing the surface every 6 -12 months to maintain performance and the longevity of the product.  Again, a little TLC will add years of protection to your roof.