Storm/Leak Repairs


LSR specializes in helping customers manage their facility repair needs in the aftermath of a storm. With deep roots in the multi-family industry, we make it a practice to be the first on the scene of many disaster areas. One of the first things on the agenda is prevention of further damage in addition to taking all necessary safety precautions. A storm not only poses danger during the actual event, but can also be a threat after it has passed. Things such as fallen debris, trees, ceilings, walls, water intrusion, exposed electrical wiring, and numerous other hazards are of top priority in avoiding injury to persons, valuable equipment and property.

We have a full emergency crisis clean up and roofing crew ready to deploy into action prepared to take all necessary steps to avoid further damage to your facility. LSR provides temporary roof repairs in compliance with all FEMA requirements. As an individual homeowner or business owner, the federal government provides assistance for those storm events classified at a disaster level. You have the right to register for assistance by calling 1-800-621-FEMA (3362) to request a damage assessment. In most cases, emergency federal assistance programs are initiated on a county-by-county basis. But dependent upon the severity of the disaster and its widespread coverage, the degree of financial aid is determined by those designated government agencies. For more details on how to plan, prepare and mitigate before, during and after a disaster, visit Plan, Prepare & Mitigate.

Again, as a first step in the process, it is our responsibility to ensure that no hazardous conditions exist. Next, we provide a full coverage of temporary repairs using tarp materials, plywood and other emergency materials to avoid further water intrusion damages. The next phase of the plan is to provide a thorough damage assessment and proposed estimate and scope of repairs. In a disaster scenario, there are several additional factors that must be included prior to starting any of the actual permanent repairs such as working closely with the building owner, insurance adjusters, product manufacturers and other third party building construction consultants. It is crucial that information be shared and consistently managed to ensure a sound solution.

Not all storm damage or leak repairs involve an insurance claim, but it is important that the roofing system, along with the existing roofing materials be identified so that the manufacturers warranty is not compromised. Once that has been established, LSR provides the customer with a complete repair scope and cost associated. Ultimately it is our goal to take care of your need in the most cost efficient manner and quickly in order to avoid further damage to your property and those valuables within. If your roof has sustained any storm damage or emergency repair needs, please contact Kevin Case at 214-274-2890 for prompt service. Our dispatch department is standing by with roof techs available 24/7.