Sound Plan of Action


While we don’t pretend to have all the answers or industry secrets in the commercial flat roof world, LSR places the greatest of importance on continuing education. We work very closely with some of the largest roofing materials manufacturers in the industry. We have invested heavily in training our people to be equipped in the knowledge of the various roofing systems in the marketplace and to readily be able to identify all varieties of technical challenges in the field.

Establishing a sound plan of action is the first step towards a successful project. From the moment our sales representative engages in conversations with a prospective customer, there are a series of questions that need to be answered prior to involving our operations team. This all starts with excellent communications. We have put a variety of systems and processes in place to help us do a thorough interview and analysis exercise with the customer.

Once we’ve gathered this information (is the roof still under warranty, roof system type, extent of damage, etc.) we are then ready to begin phase one of the action plan– inspection of the physical property. Our technician has a base of information to build on in walking the roof, confirming and validating the specific roof system, coordinating efforts with any insurance adjusters or third party consultants acting on behalf of the building owner(s).

Depending on the nature of the roof issue or its condition, we will take action quickly to prevent any further damage or water intrusion risk using temporary repairs as specified for that particular roof system. Once those emergency repair measures have been taken, we then devise a clear and concise repair scope or proposed reroof installation plan. We offer recommendations based on materials submittals and the installation work scope. All warranties (manufacturers and workmanship) are presented as a part of the RFP. This is a combined mutual effort involving the customer first and foremost, our operations division expertise, your sales representative as well as the recommended materials manufacturer(s). Again, all of us are only as good as the information we have. That’s why it is our job to make sure that the communications is excellent.

Once the customer has agreed to the terms stated in our proposal, a final contract is then executed outlining the details of the work scope, materials and quantities, schedule terms, warranties (product/workmanship) and any other mandatory requirements that the customer might have.

A Pre-Construction meeting is then scheduled to introduce the operations team (project manager, crew superintendents, etc.) that will play a key role in the project. Daily procedures are reviewed along with all other mandatory safety provisions to be followed throughout the completion of the project. Numerous procedures and provisions are involved once the project has reached this phase of the action plan, but the key ingredient is as always to make sure that we have communicated effectively keeping you well informed.

Our goal isn’t necessarily to turn our customers into roofers themselves! But we do want to make sure that they have a thorough understanding of the processes involved to guarantee them a pleasant experience, and most importantly an excellent roof! We strive to be accountable to our customers because over the years we have discovered that our reputation is indeed our greatest asset.