The Best Choice

The real question is why not LSR!

We have a combined 89 years of experience installing some of the most sophisticated and technically sound roofing systems in the industry. While our portfolio of work is impressive, we recognize the importance of time, value and quality workmanship. Our number one goal is to provide our customers with a sense of trust and partnership as together we strive to provide a roofing system that measures above and beyond your expectations. We work hard to provide solutions that are within budget without compromising the integrity of the roof itself. We work on a wide variety of buildings and facilities that each have different work space environments and functionality needs. Everything from institutional facilities, hospitals and health care, municipal and government agencies to commercial office and retail buildings, schools and universities, and manufacturing plants.

We have a full-service sheet metal division that fabricates all metal and flashing details. We understand the demand of prompt service when it comes to the urgencies of finishing the job on schedule or an emergency repair need. We work as a team and want to be a part of your team.

Speaking of repairs, we provide a full-time dispatch service that manages and mobilizes our field technicians to respond quickly to every incoming emergency repair request. They not only deploy our service trucks to the scene, but follow a regimented system in documenting all records and building roof details specific to that event. Whether your roof has suffered damage the events of a storm, fallen victim to a potential material defect or a poorly engineered installation (contractor error); our trained certified techs come prepared to provide a complete inspection– identifying the source of the problem.

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