We are the repair specialists!


The greatest obstacle that most Property Owners and Managers face today is the escalating costs associated with roof repairs and replacements. Often these needs arise during the crisis of a recent storm or possibly deteriorating roof conditions that have gone unaddressed over long periods of time. While none of us have control over the weather, we can help you avoid extreme expenses by offering a proven maintenance program designed to extend the life of your roof.

At LSR, we treat your roof no differently than a doctor treats a patient. We keep an extensive water intrusion log that serves as your roof’s medical chart. Over the years we’ve had some roofs that are definitely on life support, but our goal is to do the best we can to extend the life of that roof as long as necessary until capital expenditure or insurance claim requirements can be met.

Our program is very simple! Upon your request, one of our representatives will schedule an appointment to visit the roof site location. Once we arrive, we investigate the leak location/origin and provide a full assessment for the repair. Once the customer approves the proposal, we make the repair and provide a full workmanship warranty. Warranties might vary based on the extensiveness and materials used to make the repairs, but our standard workmanship warranty is one year.

For a limited time only, if you allow us to complete one repair, LSR will provide a free repair scope evaluation. If we can’t save you money, your service call is FREE!

In addition to this special offer, we will provide an energy audit utilizing the latest infrared cameras to locate any water intrusion areas or wet insulation in efforts to extend the life of your roof.